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If there’s one thing the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us, it’s that we never know when we’ll suddenly be faced with dramatic changes to the way we live and work.

That’s why we all need to build our resilience, so we can recover quickly from setbacks and take advantage of new opportunities. The Resilience Bounce Back Playbook helps you build your resilience by working with the hardwiring of your brain to make the changes you need or want to make. It gives you the tools you need to kill chronic stress once and for all, activate your willpower, create constructive new habits, and find more creative solutions to your challenges and opportunities.

The Resilience Bounce Back Playbook is available as an online course, containing all the programs you will need to build your resilience now and into the future.

  • 1

    The Resilience Bounce Back Playbook Overview

    • Program Overview

  • 2

    Know Your Own Mind

    • Session 1 | You Have Two Minds

    • Session 2 | Which Mind is More Powerful?

    • Session 3 | What Does Your Nonconscious Mind Really Want?

    • Swiss Organ Donor

    • Immortal Fans of Sports Club Recife

    • Session 4 | How You Can SCAM Your Intuitive Mind Into Cooperating

    • Session 5 | CAPABILITIES: Train Your Brain!

    • Session 6 | Create or Trigger Positive MEMORIES

    • Know Your Own Mind - Self-Assessment Test

  • 3

    Kill Chronic Stress

    • Session 1 | Break the Stress Cycle

    • Session 2 | Repair the Physical Damage of Stress

    • Session 3 | Train Your Brain to Make Your Stress Response a Habit

    • Kill Chronic Stress - Self-Assessment Test

  • 4

    Activate Your Willpower

    • Session 1 | Slow Down Your Willpower Depletion

    • Session 2 | Train Your Brain to Boost Your Willpower Reserves

    • Session 3 | Design Your Own Personal Willpower Program

    • Activate Your Willpower - Self-Assessment Test

  • 5

    Create Better Habits

    • How to Establish Good Habits

    • Stop Bad Habits

    • Create Better Habits - Self-Assessment Test

  • 6

    Get More Creative

    • Session 1 | Poor Practice: What You Shouldn’t Do

    • Session 2 | Best Practice: What You Should Do

    • Session 3 | Train Your Brain

    • Session 4 | Creative Tools

    • Get More Creative - Workbook

    • Guided Excursions: Stimulus Cards

    • Get More Creative - Self-Assessment Test

  • 7

    The 7 Golden Rules of Change

    • Guidelines to Help You Successfully Make Big Changes

    • How to Get Ready for a Major Challenge

    • The Seven Golden Rules of Change - Self-Assessment Test

  • 8

    Resilience Exam Questions

    • Instructions

    • Resilience Exam Questions


The Resilience Bounce Back Playbook is available as an online course. Your subscription fee includes unlimited personal access to the following programs for the life of your subscription

  • A total of 20 Sessions presented in easy to follow slides that you complete at your own pace

  • Audio track if you prefer to listen rather than read

  • Support material you can download ("Get More Creative" program)

  • Includes all updates and new programs released during the life of your subscription

  • Self-assessment tests

  • Subscribers can sit an exam to receive a Certificate of Completion. There is no extra charge – all you need to do is complete the exam questions and get more than 80% right.

Certificate Sample

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